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Something Blew Up In my InWin A1 Plus Case

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  • Something Blew Up In my InWin A1 Plus Case

    So I finished building my PC and ran it but I forgot to connect the CPU power connector to the motherboard.

    Few seconds after that something blew up. I don't know if it has to do with me forgetting to connect the power connector or the case is just defective.

    But still after all that. My pc runs fine except I have no idea about the wireless charger as I haven't tested it yet.

    The place where something blew up is near the bottom of the wireless charging area.

    What might have cause the minor explosion?

    Is it something to do with PSU? or just the wireless charger?

    I'm afraid if it's the PSU as they said that in the long run it might cause damage to other components.
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    JericoPulvera sorry to hear this issue, we suspect the damaged part is capacitor, the wireless charger will become invalid. We recommend you to remove the cable whether you will return the product or keep the product with no wireless charger function (please refer to attached file). For RMA, please kindly go through the process :
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      I was able to try the wireless charger and instead of charging the phone, it drains the battery.

      It's kind of a hassle to remove the cable of the wireless charger. What are the risk if I don't remove it?
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        JericoPulvera we are not sure the exact damaged part inside the PCB, so it's safer to remove the cable to avoid other damage in the future.
        If you won't return the case to RMA, then you can follow the attached photo( red arrow ) to remove the cable (it will damage the wafer and won't be able for further RMA).
        If you will return the case to RMA, please follow previous photo to remove the cable.

        Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your understanding.
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