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301C Cooling & RGB / Mic Noise Question

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  • 301C Cooling & RGB / Mic Noise Question


    I've had an In Win 301c for a while now and I really love it. It's been a very versatile case despite its small size. It's a lot of fun to work in.

    Question 1: Cooling:
    I recently upgraded and now have the following inside: AMD Ryzen 5800X, Corsair H100i RGB Platinum, MSI B550M Mortar WiFi, EVGA 1080 FTW2. I have a Noctua NF-A12x25 at the back as an exhaust (not in the picture) and I have the two fans on the radiator as intake (blowing into the chassis). In theory, this is positive pressure, but I'm noticing some high temps and high fan noise.

    If I flip the fans on the radiator so that they blow towards the front of the case, do the hex cutouts provide enough room for exhaust? I suppose I could also flip the Noctua and bring cool air in... My thinking is that cooler air would be brought up from the bottom of the case and then exhausted by the 3 fans out both the front and the back. I recognize that the cooler air would probably get 'used' by the 1080 before it has much effect on the radiator though.

    Question 2: RGB & Mic Noise
    The RGB connector is at the bottom of the motherboard, and to clean up the run I ran it underneath the motherboard. However, when I have the front panel RGB lit up, my friends complain that there's some serious hum on my microphone. Could this be solved with an insulated RGB cable or is it because I ran the RGB wire under the motherboard? In the past, I had the front panel lit up with a cheap power

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    regarding the issues you encountered we recommend :
    1. you are using AMD motherboard, please make sure to update BIOS
    2. make sure you plug radiator's fans on motherboard header CPU_FAN/AIO_FAN
    3. go to BIOS and check if fans are on PWM mode
    4. the tube of radiator should toward top, instead of bottom, so you can install two more fans on the bottom
    5. make sure cables do not block the ventilation on the other side (steel side panel)
    for configuration:
    rear fan to exhaust, front fans blow toward back/rear,
    if you install bottom fans, they will help graphics card thermal ,
    don't connect rear fan and bottom fans with radiator' fans, it may cause high speed noise, they should plug in motherboard SYS_FAN, CHA_FAN.

    Let us know if these will make difference, thank you.

    note: here is another configuration for your reference (blow toward front)

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      Since I already have a 240mm H100i v2, I was wondering since one of the biggest concerns in the inwin 301 are temperature and the inability to be able to use the bottom fans as an intake, would you be able to use those fans as bottom in takes to cool your gpu sufficiently.
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        are temperature and the inability to be able to use the bottom fans as an intake, would you be able to use those fans as bottom in takes to cool your gpu sufficiently.

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      Info site to writemyessay


      Can I use a Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 with my In Win 301C? Is it a good option? The total sum for a new build will be circa 500,00€.


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        Hi this cooler can fit in 301C without problem, please feel free to share your build here with us.