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Liberty Walk goes S-Frame

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  • Liberty Walk goes S-Frame

    Hello, Community.

    Herewith I would like to introduce my next Casemod.

    Follower is planned and thought through:
    Subject: Liberty Drumming (The Tuning-Schmide with the fender widenings)
    It are screwed together Milchplexi parts on golden screws like it is just with Liberty Drumming standard.
    I will also work with hard foam for detailed dismissals. Later in addition more.
    Colour: white / gold
    To the Case:
    This is got in WIn S-Frame.
    This was built up already once in black / gold and ran thus approx. 3 months.


    Now I would like to make of course a unique specimen out of that and revalue it Optically thrilling
    A backpack with 2x 360th Radis will get it (as one has seen it already a few times, only I will make it different )
    A little lighting also turns white installed... discreetly

    Hardware it is obstructed:
    CPU: I7 6700K
    Board: -
    GPU: -
    Memory: Klevv
    Data memory: Klevv
    Nt: In Win Classic Series C900 Watt
    Fan: Enermax cluster & TBVegas
    The obstructed water cooling comes from Aquatuning (many thanks for it)
    Whether I build up now the system in the industrial look, or, nevertheless, bends I do not know yet.

    Thanks the sponsors:
    MSI, Aquatuning, Alphacool, Klevv, in Win and Enermax

    I hope this Worklog will well maintain you.
    I hear criticism and ideas with pleasure.

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